Iran Iron Ore is your trusted name and source for Iron ore from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our organization consists of a several factions which include: Iran Iron Ore Mine Owners, Iran Iron ore Stockiest, Iran Iron Ore Suppliers, and Iron Ore Investments Groups both Private and Governmental.

Because, Iran’s Iron ore industry is still under development and considered by some experts in this arena as an infant, so that they may one day stand on their own and successfully export Iranian Iron ore as our organization is effectively doing, many trustworthy but nameless companies in the International Business Realm with the possibility to invest in the Exportation of Iron ore from Iran seek a leader in this developing field to help them obtain the necessary experience, and Past Performance Records which are essential in gaining the Trust and Faith of Iron ore importers which are mainly of Chinese origin.

Because, we help companies achieve this level of growth, we are recognized by many small and large investment firms interested in this field as a Dependable, Reliable and Detectable leader in the frontier of Iron Ore Exports from Iran.

By lending our present knowledge, Experience, Recognition, Know How Techniques, Trusted, Knowledge and Adaptation of International Guide Lines in Business Affairs, Safe Warehouses, Safe & Accurate Stuffing Crew for both Containerized and Bulk Deliveries by way of Bulk Vessels, and use of Reliable Shipping Lines amongst many other factors such as Accurate SGS, Mitra S.K. or CCIC test results which all begin with our own personal preliminary investigating and Testing Methods which are frequently conclusive with that of official inspection findings such as CIQ’s discoveries in China we have been able to attain the trust of both Iron ore Investors, Important Chinese Iron ore Importers, Brokers, Concentration Factories, and Iron ore Traders alike.

Due to the Experience which we have gathered over the years, Iran Iron Ore procurement Agents keep you safer than most Iron ore Suppliers from Iran. Unfortunately, some companies are unknowingly purchasing Iron ore which has been diluted with Oxidized Powder, which is known to falsely boost the FE & FEO content of Iron ore by up to 6 points each.

This is just one more reason to choose Iran Iron Ore as your trusted source for Iron ore from Iran.

Iran Iron Ore, an investment worth making…

While our website is being upgraded, you may contact us through the following details:

Email: Export@iranironore.com

+ 98 912 101 6609